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Logging Down Under Utilises WellCAD log interpretation software, which combines comprehensive graphic editing mechanisms and data processing tools.

Combining technically excellent display, editing and analysis capabilities for well data, WellCAD has become the standard log composite software in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Geotechnical society and is used in a wide range of applications.


Logging Down Under uses Geovista Intelligent Borehole Logging Systems.

Our logging systems with their stackable sondes, offer the best added value in the slimline logging business. Main benefits include a reduction in the number of logging trips in the borehole and the ability to run useful probe combinations together as a single tool string.

Logging Down Under downhole data collection and logging services include:

  • Dummy
  • Temperature – Conductivity Sonde
  • Water level Indicator
  • Formation Sidewall Density
  • Natural Gamma
  • Deviation
  • Three Arm Caliper Sonde
  • Full Wave Sonic
  • Dual Lateral Log
  • Resistivity Self Potential
  • Acoustic Televiewer
  • Optical Televiewer

A Water Truck can be provided upon request to assist in down hole data collection.

Please contact our office to discuss other services you require that may not be listed.

Our Services
Our Services Our Services

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