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Safety Safety

Logging Down Under continues to maintain a safe environment for all employees and Customers to work in.

Aim to achieve “Zero Harm” in everything we do.

Logging Down Under Health, Safety and Environmental performance for the last five years totalling 34,795 man hours, with 0 LTI’s. Equates to an LTIFR rate of 0.

For 2015 year to date 5,256 man hours worked 0 LTI’s. Equates to an LTIFR rate of 0.

Logging Down Under has been compliant with all environmental procedures and policies since its establishment in 2006 and continues to maintain this level of performance.

Quality Quality

Logging Down Under guarantees the quality of its labour through its implemented training programs. Standard operating procedures and reviews.

Equipment used by Logging Down Under is fit for purpose. Maintenance and calibration schedules followed. To ensure optimal performance.

In addition we encourage staff to be continuously looking for better ways to perform their work through the use of Quality Management processes.

Community Community

Logging Down Under is a family run business and actively supports local sports, clubs and other organisations such as Blackwater Rugby Union, Central Highlands Rugby Union, Blackwater/Bluff RSL Sub-Branch, 14 Army Cadet Unit, Blackwater Junior Motor Cycle Club and PCYC. We also encourage employees if interested to pursue out of work sports and hobbies within the local community. We also encourage employees to register with local services such as Doctors and Dentists.

Where possible Logging Down Under tries to purchase goods and use local business. All vehicles are serviced using local garages, which we have a long standing relationship with. Safety equipment is purchased at the local safety shop where possible. Details of local companies and suppliers used by Logging Down Under can be obtained by contacting our office in Blackwater.

Logging Down Under does not gain any financial benefit from using these local companies but by supporting those companies, keeps these services running within the community.

Here at Logging Down Under we understand that supporting the local community by buying local keeps necessary amenities and services within the area and provides a much better working environment for the local community and for our employees.

Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance Quality Assurance